FAME 2016

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Making Your Library Epic: Creating Innovative Spaces for Student Learning

Our libraries are no longer the quiet, dusty rooms where all students do is sit at heavy wooden tables and read silently. Our role in our schools has changed; we’re leading the way in technology use and modern pedagogy - we need to update our spaces to match. In this session, attendees will get ideas for transforming the physical space of their libraries to make them innovative, student-friendly learning environments. We'll talk about how to apply educational design theory in your space no matter what your budget is. Participants will be able to explain why changes are needed and learn strategies for changing up the space that can be applied right away. We’ll talk about how to secure funding for all sizes of renovation projects. You will come away from this session with fresh ideas on how to update your space and bring it into the 21st century.

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How to Run an Awesome After-School Makers Club

Whether you already have a thriving makerspace or are just getting started, forming an after-school group is ideal for diving deep into projects and building up a culture of making in your library. It's often difficult to get students into makerspaces for in-depth projects during the school day, so starting an after-school club can be a great way to jump-start your program and get your students engaged.

Learn strategies for how to get started, including tips on advocating for an after-school club with your administration. Learn about setting norms and procedures for your students, balancing design challenges with free exploration and creating a reflection and sharing piece for students. I'll share about my experiences with our Stewart Makers Club over the last two years. No matter where you're at, an after-school Makers Club can be an amazing way to bring the Maker Movement into your school.