PBL NY 2016: Making Learning Happen

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The Future is Now: Equipping our Learners to be the Leaders of Tomorrow: CLICK HERE for slides and resources

The world is changing at a breakneck pace. We're preparing our students for jobs that don't even exist yet. In this rapidly evolving world, it is vital that we equip our students with the skills they will need to thrive, such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration. Intergrating STEM through hands-on learning in our classrooms will help to develop these skills in our students. We'll look at examples of how project-based learning and the Maker Movement have transformed learning at Stewart Middle Magnet.

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How to Run an Awesome After-School Makers Club: CLICK HERE for slides and resources

Whether you already have a thriving makerspace or are just starting out, forming an after-school Maker Club is ideal for diving deep into projects and building up a culture of making in your school. Learn strategies and tips for advocating for an after-school club with your administration. Learn about setting norms and procedures for your students, balancing design challenges with free exploration and creating a reflection and sharing piece for students.

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Makerspaces 201: I've Got Cardboard, Now What? CLICK HERE for slides and resources

Most makerspace sessions tend to focus on how to get started, but what if you've already gotten started and aren't sure what to do to take your makerspace to the next level? Learn about how the MakerSpace program at Stewart Middle Magnet School has grown over the last two years. Starting with just three bins of K'nex and a vision, we transformed our library into the STEAM hub of our school. You'll learn to set up your MakerSpace, build a Maker culture in your school and develop strategies for involving your community. Learn about connecting with other schools and sharing your students' creations through social media, providing design challenges to get your students' creative juices flowing, optimizing storage space for supplies and projects, and other useful tips and tricks.